The Science of Insulating MN Homes,

Commercial and Municipal Buildings.

Minnesota's Cold Winters and High Energy Costs drive home and business owners to find cost effective ways to lower their monthly energy bills and save money.


Jerry Braegelmann, the president of Intex Insulating Company, Inc. in Cold Spring, MN has three things he would like you to know to help you make your best investment in insulation.

  • Intex has been insulating homes, commercial and municipal buildings  since 1977, serving a 150 mile radius of St. Cloud, Minnesota. Intex is always on the leading edge of technology and science. You must first consider that your home or business requires an air-tight building envelope to be energy efficient. Simply adding more insulation does not guarantee a totally energy efficient building.
  • A building’s envelope needs to function as a complete system. Having balanced ventilation in the attic is an extremely important part of that system.
  • There are many different types of insulation and each one has its own unique advantages for each specific application. Intex installs all types of insulation. Each insulation job is a one-of-a-kind custom job that has precise requirements for maximum efficiency and value.


“Do it right or not at all.”

is the motto at Intex.

Intex implements their technical knowledge of building envelopes, wall systems, roof structures, air sealing, ventilation and insulation to provide you with the best complete system available.

Intex Insulating Company

13857 233rd Street

Cold Spring, MN 56320