Our Commercial Services:

  • Waterproofing
  • Air Barriers
  • Thermal Barriers

Waterproofing and Air Barriers


Fully-adhered weather resistive barriers solve many of the challenges facing traditional house-wrap and building paper. Fully-adhered weather resistive barriers are the best insurance against the intrusion of water, air and moisture into a building.


High quality membranes and drainage composites are the basis for quality waterproofing and air barrier systems, helping to protect structures from mold damage, make them more energy efficient and earn LEED certification points.


"An air barrier buys you greater than 40% natural gas savings and greater than 25% electricity savings", according to a current federal study.


When warm moist air contacts a cold surface in the wall condensation can occur. If wall components stay wet long enough mold can develop. Wet walls and leaking air make buildings more expensive to heat and cool, just like leaving a window wide open. Wet walls don't insulate as efficiently as dry walls and these factors put an additional strain on your HVAC system, shortening its service life and increasing maintenance cost.



Thermal Barriers


We use a high quality mineral fiber manufactured in a granular form which allows it to be blown onto open or closed cell foam; when used with its proprietary adhesive it provides a 15 minute thermal barrier. The specially formulated blend of mineral fiber along with the introduction of adhesive at the point of insertion allows for it to be blown directly onto the foam substrate.


High quality mineral fiber provides a true thermal barrier over spray foam insulation. Our product has a tested R-Value of 4.14 per inch and is classified by Non-Combustible per ASTM E-136. With a flame spread of 5 and a smoke development of 0 it not only protects from flames but smoke inhalation as well.

160 Kw burn for final 10 minutes. Equivalent to an air chair on fire.

As you can see, this is a true thermal barrier that has protected the foamed wall from both ignition and off gassing.

Our high quality mineral fiber insures fire protection, while also providing the added benefit of excellent sound absorption with some of the highest NRC ratings in the industry.


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