Solving Problems!

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PROBLEM: Excessive heat loss from the attic due to inadequate air sealing, insulation and attic ventilation.


SOLUTION: Open roof to gain access to the edge of the roofline, remove existing insulation, spray foam cavity leaving 1” air space for ventilation. Completely air seal the attic and the heating/air conditioning ductwork, ventilate the attic and re-insulate with blown insulation.

PROBLEM: Bedrooms on the upper level were uncomfortably cold in the winter and extremely hot in the summer.


SOLUTION: Remove old insulation, completely air seal attic bypasses and re-insulate.

PROBLEM: Leaky and rusting roof that needed to be replaced, plus the building needed to be insulated.


SOLUTION: Apply primer to inhibit further rusting, spray foam exterior to seal leaks and also insulate the building, apply acrylic roof coating for a durable finish.

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