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All too often people only think of adding more insulation to try to reduce their energy bills and increase their comfort, but there’s a lot more to keeping warm and comfortable than just adding insulation. The comfort level and performance of your home can’t be measured by the R-Value of the insulation alone.  True comfort and performance are also measured by your home’s ability to control air movement, moisture, air quality, sound and energy efficiency.


Insulation blocks the flow of heat through a surface, but does not necessarily block the movement of air. This is especially true where there are unsealed holes for plumbing and wiring to pass through or other cracks and gaps that exist in most typical homes. Think of insula­tion as a sweater; it can keep you warm when the air outside is cold, but it does not really block the wind, for that you need a windbreaker. A complete air sealing system acts just like a windbreaker, stopping the wind from driving the cold air in.

Air leaks can make your home feel drafty and uncomfortable and place an unnecessary strain on your heating and cooling equipment, which decreases their efficiency and raises your energy bills. Air leaks can also let in mois­ture that can warp and damage wood and eventually lead to mold.


You also need the correct balance of ventilation in your attic, so your home stays healthy by venting the excess moisture and condensation, thus eliminating future problems with mold or mildew.


Finally, you need to add the correct type and amount of insulation for your specific application at precisely where it pays to insulate. Intex uses a certified Energy Auditor who has specialized equipment, like infrared photography and blower doors, to test your home or business and determine exactly where the greatest sources of heat loss are. Once we locate the major air leaks and cold spots we can determine the most cost effective ways to correct each problem.

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